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Error after update Confluence


Hi. 2 month ago i update confluence to version 6.2.4 And after update i try to install balsamiq mockups/wireframe and get the following error: incorrect header check

I Try to install plugin into clean DB - successfull.
Then i try to install plugin in confluence with imported data from xml - unsuccessfull.

I try to install any versions of plugin. all attempts are failed.

How i can fix this problem? Our license is valid until 15 May 2018. Thank you!


I’m really sorry for the upgrade trouble here :frowning:.

When you upgraded Confluence to 6.2.4, what version were you upgrading from? Because of the changes Atlassian made to macro functionality, you may have to update to specific versions of Confluence first, before updating all the way to 6.2.4.

We have an FAQ for the steps here, but please let me know if you have any questions.

Once you have done the stepped upgrade, you can upgrade our plugin to the newest version.

We will stand by to make sure you’re able to get updated properly. :slight_smile:


Hi, i upgraded from version 5.9.x, this is very critically? Maybe we have a scripts to manually repair this bug in DB?


There shouldn’t have been an issue if you upgraded directly from 5.9.x. That FAQ is for much older versions (3.x, etc).

We just released a new version of Balsamiq Wireframes for Confluence yesterday that fixed a lot of bugs. If you have active maintenance with us, let’s try updating to that version and see if the problem resolves itself.

If it doesn’t, would you mind sending me an email with a screenshot of the error and a screenshot of the console log of your browser? That will help us get started on figuring out what is going on.

I’m sorry again for the trouble here!


Thanks for sending us those logs, Pavel. I will have Sax take a look at them!


Hi, Brendan, i found solution for this case! Just delete all “balsamiq” entries in “BANDANACONTEXT” column from “BANDANA” table and uninstall/install Balsamiq Wireframes Add-on.