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Error: Cannot deselect or delete objects


So I’m running into a serious issue, just within the past 24 hours…

Once I click on an object in my mockup (for example, “Button”), and then I click off of it to an empty part of my mockup wthere there are no objects, the object remains selected. The only way to “de-select” is to click on another object.

Also, I cannot delete any object in my entire project (10 slides so far).

I have tried adding new objects to my mockup, hoping it was just something weird going on with the “Callout” object, but no luck. I’m having the same issue with every object.

This started after I added a “Callout” object to one of my slides.

OS: Win7


Also, I cannot “Select All” or “Deselect all” through the Edit menu or via keyboard shortcuts.

Noticing additional issues…I can save my bmpr, but when I Exit (using the Windows Exit), Balsamiq continues to run in the background as if it is still open, and then I cannot reopen Balsamiq. I have to go into Task Manager and force close the Balsamiq process.

Then when I reopen Balsamiq (from the program icon or from a saved file), Balsamiq opens every Balsamiq file on my PC…literally…every file, as well as a New Mockup.

I’m very confused.


Hi @Aaron_Perkins, that’s strange, sorry you hit this issue.

First question: are you on the latest and greatest? to verify. If not, I suggest updating.

Second question: do you have more than one project open at the same time? We’ve heard of issues with keyboard shortcuts in that case (which we’re fixing). Try with only one project open.

About the restarting reopening files, try closing the windows one by one, then restarting one more time.

Let us know how it goes!


So I was running 3.0.2. I completely uninstalled it, and downloaded and installed 3.1.2. Seems to be working great now! Thanks, @peldi! :smile:


Guys, same goes for me: cannot deselect an item after selecting one. Working on 3 projects, using 3.1.2. (OS: Win 8.1)
(Funny thing is they all 3 open up when I start one of them, can this be caused by mockups I dragged between projects?)

Closing Balsamique results in a running background process that I have to kill before being able to restart Balsamique.

Did I mention I love Balsamique though? :smiley: :thumbsup:

Cheers, Arno