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Error: Maximum Number of Pinned Revisions Exceeded


I’m receiving this message every time I save my mockup in Mockups 3 for Google Drive.

This is the message: “Error: Maximum Number of Pinned Revisions Exceeded”.

It’s weird, because when I log back in, my changes seem to be getting saved.

Why is the message coming up? Are my changes not actually being saved? Help!


Hi eliricker,
Sorry for the snag.

The error message refers to the versions of the BMPR file saved in your Google Drive.

A new version of the project is created each time you quit the application or if you manually save via the editor menu (“Project > Save Project”).

In order to avoid Drive to purge the versions (after 30 days), Balsamiq 3 is pinning the version saved.

You can delete or unpin the version you want to purge using the Drive UI, via the command “Manage Versions…”.

You can find more details in the following link: