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Error saving to PDF using cropped symbols that have been moved


In a project I have a symbol that represents various states of a screen.
I crop the symbol and move the appropriate screen into view in a series of mockups.
Looks fine on screen but when exporting project to PDF the cropped part of the symbol is printed in it’s “actual” location not where it has been moved to in the mockup.


@crowebar Just curious, are you on the latest and greatest version 3.1.2? I ask because the PDF export was improved in the latest version.


It appears I was not… I have updated in the interim… the previous version also seemed to move the symbols back to where they were originally (the thumbnail was correct) after export to PDF.

I have since repositioned the symbols, and used the new and improved (and very nice) export to PDF function and it appears to be ok now…

I will keep an eye on it but it appears the latest release has resolved the issue


Glad to hear you got it solved. Yeah the PDF export got an overhaul in the latest version since it now replaces the print function.


Not so fast! re-opened the project this morning and they’ve moved again when I print and view the mockup - but the thumbnail in the LH panel is still ok

theres a bug somewhere in there!


@crowebar Did you verify that you are using the new 3.1.2 version? I have run into problems before with Mockups 2 and 3 being installed at the same time. I accidentally opened the old version. You can verify your version by going to the Help menu -> About Balsamiq Mockups. I mainly ask because 3.1.2 does not have a print option any more. It only has the export PDF option.


screengrab.pdf (110.3 KB)

Latest version, see the screenshot… thats a cropped symbol out there on the right… it used to be on the left inside the iphone before I made the PDF / saved / closed… the thumbnail has got it right


That is odd behavior. I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue, but I have a few ideas left to try. I’ll let you know if I figure anything out. However, you may want to send a copy of your project to to see if they can diagnose the issue.


My guess is because the symbol is “horizontal” and I crop and move it the the left - the top,left position of the symbol becomes negative and thats not handled…


Hi @crowebar

I tried different scenarios with cropping images and symbols. I did not manage to reproduce the issue you are seeing.
Could you please send us the project or just the bad page to