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[Error] This project file cannot be opened


I have tried deleting Mockupsetting, opening backup projects but it still does not work for me at all. My file cannot be opened after computer frozen and i had to restart it. Please help me! It is an extremely important file for my company!
Here is the screen

Here is the file


Hi @msdepzai,

So sorry for the snag! We’ve just tried but couldn’t recover any data from the file you’ve shared.

Are you running a recent version of our little tool?
We recently added a new backup system of all projects locally to an internal folder (starting with version 3.2.1). Have you checked this one already? The way to access the local store folder where these backups stay is described here.

Also, were you saving the file locally or on a network drive? If saved on a network drive, there is also a chance to recover the data from the history there.

Sorry again for the hassle with this. Please send me an email to if you need any additional instructions to find a working version of your file, we’re here to help! We could even set up a call if needed.