Error when trying to utilize Balsamiq macro


My users are suddenly receiving the following error when they try to utilize the macro:
Balsamiq Wireframes

Oops, the page contains wireframes that need to be migrated to a new format. Please open the Balsamiq Wireframes macro and launch the migration process.

Nothing changed in the environment and it worked yesterday.


Hey Diane,

I just replied to your email. I think it will probably be easier to troubleshoot this over email, so let’s pick it up there. :slight_smile:


Thanks - I will looks for your email - have not received it yet. I may have done something to fix it but not sure…I don’t know the Balsamiq plugin very well.


I have this on same error on a page I am trying to insert a Balsamiq Wireframes macro. The page currently has no Wireframes macro on it. How can I fix this


Hi @Lance_Stratton,

Thanks for the post. I am looking at your email right now and will pick this up via email.