Error with Upload from Desktop Version


I uploaded a project created with Balsamiq Desktop to Balsamiq Cloud and have issues with the text formatting configured with the Desktop version being displayed in the Cloud version. Please see the included pictures. How do I get the formatting to correctly transfer?



Hi @oujake

Thanks for the post. Apologies for the minor inconvenience here. Mockups 3 was a little less fussy when it came to nesting text formatting and the order of the closing tags was not important. In Balsamiq Cloud it’s been tightened up a little so the tags need to open and close nested in the correct order. So, in your example, if you change the tags to close the size tag then the color tag, the formatting will work correctly.

i.e. change this: {color:white}{size:33}Brightness{color}{size}

to this: {color:white}{size:33}Brightness{size}{color}

I hope this isn’t too much of an inconvenience but we’re basically now following the de-facto standard ordering for most other common tagging/markup languages e.g. HTML.

Get back to us if you have any other issues, ok?

Best regards,



That was the issue. Thank you for the help!

After changing a few of the text entries I ran into another issue. The format tags are no longer displayed after changing the order, but it seems the size tag does not always work correctly. In the attached image you will see the text “Loudness” in the view is small. It stays about the same regardless of what the size is set to using the format tags. The text displayed in the thumbnail to the left does change size and appears to be the right size. Changing the text size with the property editor does change the size of the text in the main display, but the thumbnail text size still corresponds to the size tag. Any thoughts on what may be the issue with the text size?


Hi again @oujake

This is curious as I am not able to reproduce it. Can you try another browser (just as a test) and let me know if the problem persists? If this works in a different browser, can you try clearing the cache in your main browser and let me know if that fixes it? If not, can you get back to me and we’ll investigate.

All the best,



Works correctly using Chrome, but the problem still persists in Edge even after clearing the cache. I will switch to using Chrome.


Hi @oujake

We’ll get that looked at in Edge - definitely need to fix that.

Thanks so much for the report!




Hi @oujake,

This took a little time but I am happy to report that the problem is now fixed and “{size}” now works correctly in Edge.

All the best and happy wireframing!