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Expandable text box, click and drag right corner


I need to add an expandable text box to my wireframe. It looks like this. If you hold the mouse click on the chevrons in the right corner, it allows you to expand it. Is there a balsamic element to this?




correction, for this not to this



Hi @mmeierkwm,

Thanks for the post. Unfortunately, we don’t have a control which meets your need exactly but we can work around it and hopefully get you to where you need to be.

You could grab that corner resizer as an image and add it to your project (see: Using Images and Assets). You can then add it to your wireframes to get the look you need. Here’s what it might look like:


For convenience, you can group the resizer image and the Text Area control, optionally turning them into a Symbol for easy reuse.

Here’s the image I used in case you’d like to just grab it: resizer

Hope this helps? Get back to me with any questions.



Thank you! That works great. :slight_smile:

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I need some more help. I created the new symbol, yay me! But, now I can not see the project symbols that were there before I added mine. I am seeing “Symbol not found” in all my wireframes that used the “Left Nav” symbol we created earlier. Any suggestions?



Hi @mmeierkwm,

That is very curious! Would it be possible for you to let me take a look at the project - I think it’ll be quickest and easiest to diagnose with the file? Can you email a copy of the BMPR file to and we’ll get to the bottom of this for you?



I just emailed the BMPR. Thanks for all your help!

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