Export and import wireframe JSON for cloud

Hey Balsamiq team,

I have started a trial for the desktop and cloud versions and I have noticed that the “Export Wireframe to JSON” and “Import Wireframe JSON” features are missing in the cloud version. This would be an essential feature for our use case. We would like to use the cloud solution because it is way more practical in a collaboration sense. Is there any reason why it is not included in the cloud version?

On your website I have also read the following (taken from https://balsamiq.com/wireframes/desktop/):

Working on projects hosted on Balsamiq Cloud doesn’t require any additional license on top of your organization’s Cloud subscription or trial.

Does this mean that the desktop version and all its features are available within the cloud plan as well as long as you import and work on the cloud BMPR project file? If that’s the case, that would be an OK solution.

Hey @TimH,

I’m really sorry for the bad timing but we are actually revamping our export features and getting rid of the JSON export/import to simplify the options.

Would you mind sharing more details about your team workflow to see if can think of a different solution that would suit your needs?

About Balsamiq Cloud and Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop: that is correct, you don’t need an additional license to work on your Balsamiq Cloud projects from our Desktop app. That being said, the same export revamp is coming to our Desktop version as well so this won’t solve the issue in this case.

We’ll stand by for your reply!

Hey @Virgin,

Would you not be able to keep that feature for advanced use cases (perhaps hide it in an import/export > advanced sub menu?)? The reason why we want to have this option is because we want to render an interactive mockup/diagram on a web page by iterating over and rendering each mockup control (heavily inspired by roadmap.sh). This would allow us to define custom click actions per mockup control and dynamically restyle a control when desired.

If you are going to remove the JSON import/export feature, would you be able to port these two features to a script or API and make it available for developers? It would be very useful to us.

Thanks for sharing more details, @TimH.

While the JSON export menu option is going away, you should be able to keep on with your workflow by copy/pasting the desired wireframes from the editor. You can either select all UI controls from a wireframe and copy from there or copy the wireframe from the Navigator menu (which will include comments) and paste it to any text editor to access the JSON format.

Hope this helps!

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@Virgin Oh nice, I did not know about this hidden feature! I see it’s also available in the Cloud version which is great. And looks like pasting a JSON string in the wireframe also updates it. Thanks.

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Thanks for this hidden feature @Virgin

Trying this approach to export and archive some old wire frames and remove them from a project, I seem to exceed a certain limit for this to work. A wire frame with 139 elements does not paste anything into clipboard when clicking ‘copy’.

Any idea what the limit is?

Hi @TomR,

I’ve just tried it out and 200+ UI controls seem to work fine on my end. Would you mind sharing the related wireframe via support@balsamiq.com so that we can take a closer look?

We’ll do our best to help!

Sending it to you is tricky, when I cannot isolate and export it individually. Sending the full project is not a possibility due to data protection and non-disclosure policies. :man_detective:

However, going back and giving the copy-paste approach one more try, it worked this time.

I was also able to identify the culprit, which is a problem with the Image Link. After a change to the wireframe and as long as the link isn’t updated (only happens upon leaving project), the copying is not possible.

Can you look into this and confirm? And then squish this bug eventually?

Thanks for sharing the steps, @TomR.

I’ve tried to reproduce the issue but I’m able to copy/paste the content even when the Image Link is not up-to-date. Please let us know if you can identify any other factor that lead to the issue and we’ll dig deeper.

On a side note, you can also update the Image Link by opening the dialog one more time and clicking the related button, as shown below.