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Export "Current wireframe to png" doesn't create file with full wireframe name

When I try to use “export the current wireframe to png” it cuts off part of the filename. I consider this a bug.

I use the following naming scheme: design-number dot screen-number, for uploading to git issues, so that my colleagues and I can know which design we’re referring to.

Actual behaviour

If the file name is of the format number2 DOT number2, when I export current wireframe to png, it only remembers number1.

You can see this behaviour in this video:

(For privacy, the link will expire in 4 days. I can create a new one if necessary.)


If the file name is number2 DOT number2 space textstring, then it creates a file with the correct name.
You can see this behaviour in this video:

(Again the link will expire in 4 days.)

Expected behaviour

Whatever the wireframe name length is in Balsamiq (within reason I guess), should be used when export wireframe to png is selected.


Yup, definitely a bug!

We will get it fixed, @bernard. Sorry about that. my friend.

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Super. Thanks @Brendan.

I guess there’ll be a maximum wireframe name length? If so, after that it’ll be elipsed?

Hi @bernard ,

The maximum file name size in macOS is 255 characters and you can create a wireframe PNG export with a name that long (I did a quick check by renaming a wireframe so that the name was 250 characters and it worked fine).

That said, 250 characters is a little impractical given the width of the Navigator but you can use longer names if you wish.

Hi Alisdair,

Yup, agree. I was just curious what the maximum length was. I-don’t-think-Ill-have-wireframe-names-that-long.png :stuck_out_tongue: