Export format where text is reusable?


In our mockups we often capture instructional text and wording that is part of the UI. On copy heavy pages this can be paragraphs and paragraphs of text. It would be really great for the development team to be able to copy and paste this text rather than us having to send it in a separate file or them having to retype it by hand. But unfortunately, I have not found a way to do this because out development team doesn’t use Balsamiq and we can’t really get them licenses just for this purpose. So it would be nice if the export formats could address this.
There is the ability to export to pdf, and in acrobat, I can use OCR to turn the images into text, but this is not accurate enough to use. It messes up the conversion of the image to text because of resolution and such.

So I am wondering if anyone has found a solution to this, and requesting that Balsamiq give thought to supporting this kind of use case.


Personally I think your best bet would be to use myBalsamiq as it was designed to allow you to share projects with a team.


On the extensions page there are some tools for string extraction from bmml files,


Also there are some options for turning your mockup into an html page,


However, I think either of these options would be more work then just sending the separate document. The ability to export text as text in a pdf would be a nice feature enhancement. I am not sure how that would be done with the pictures. Maybe an option to export the text to a second page? Sort of a include text reference page.


Hello @dereksibm

You do not need to buy new licenses.
They can install the desktop version and not register it. After the trial expired it works like a viewer. They can open any bmpr file and extract the data from there.

But any changes to the file will not be saved.