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Export/Import Symbol Libraries?


Is it possible to export a symbol library so I can import it into another project? How do I do this in the Google Drive application?


Hi. Yes it’s possible to export/import a symbol library from Google Drive. The way I’d recommend right now is to download the source project to your desktop, and then import the symbols library from that local file in the new project. Here’s how you do it.


  1. Open Source Project.
  2. Select the menu Project > Export > Project to BMMLs Zip. Remember where you saved it.
  3. Extract that file on your desktop.


  1. Open the New Project
  2. Select the menu Project > Import > BMML Symbol Libraries
  3. Navigate to the folder you extracted into the Assets/ sub-folder and select the Symbols library.

There’s more info on Symbols and Import/Export in the docs here.

Hope that helps for now.


Thanks. That was very helpful. I didn’t quite get that from the documentation but it makes sense now.

It would be very nice in the future if I could choose to import/copy a symbol library from another project on my gdrive directly but this should work for now.


I added a feature request for importing from other projects within Google Drive. If others would like to see this feature, please add your Like/Heart vote above.