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Export mockup or project to PNG creates blank images


Version 999.5 (.dmg)

I’ve tried both exporting the entire project and exporting individual mockups to PNG. I get success messages with both workflows, but the PNG images produced are blank.

The project and all of its files are stored in my Dropbox account. Does that make a difference?


Hi @Maximouse

Thank you for your report. I have seen this issue in the past but I always had a hard time reproducing it consistently.
When ever I encountered the issue I did a restart of the application and exported again. So far I had no issues during the second export attempt.

By now we have a new version 999.30 which has some bug fixes which could cause the issue as side effect. Can you please try the new version.


I just saw this problem using B3.0.8 as I was exporting my mockups to a PDF. I closed it and re-opened it and it seems to have fixed it, but clearly the bug still exists. Sounds like a tough one to diagnose, but also sounds like a “fun” problem to investigate!