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Export Mockup to PDF, Chinese Mockup names become garbled code in the PDF file


After I export all Mockup to PDF,I found Chinese Mockup names become garbled code in the PDF file.
How can I solve the situation by setting or other way?


Hi @melon2monkey,

So sorry for the trouble with this one! I’ve just tried to reproduce it but the PDF file displays Chinese mockup names correctly on my end, using the same PDF reader.

Would you mind if we take a look at your myBalsamiq project to see if we can find a root cause for this? We’ll keep your data strictly confidential and will only use it to try to solve this issue.

If granting us access is fine for you, please share your myBalsamiq site URL and specific project name. You can also share it via if you prefer.

Sorry again for the trouble, we’ll do our best to help! :slight_smile:


I created a project for you to test,so no confidential issue.
And I provide these specific project names as following:

Hope you can reproduce the situation.
thank you.


主頁.bmml (2.4 KB)

帳務查詢(外幣).bmml (415 Bytes)
現金撥付(台幣).bmml (309 Bytes)
現金撥付(外幣).bmml (312 Bytes)
現金撥收(台幣)–(1)指定總金額.bmml (402 Bytes)
現金撥收(台幣)–(2)指定各面額提領數量.bmml (765 Bytes)
現金撥收(外幣).bmml (653 Bytes)
測試用頁.bmml (651 Bytes)
登入.bmml (773 Bytes)
myBalsamiqProjectTest_2.pdf (100.9 KB)


Hi @melon2monkey,

Thanks for sharing the files. I went ahead and made a new project in myBalsamiq out of your mockups.

Then I exported the project to PDF and here is the result file:

myBalsamiqTest.pdf (146.4 KB)

When you open this PDF, do the mockup names show up correctly on your end?


Thanks for help me to try this.
The mockup names show up correctly on my end.

Would you further help me to know:
how to do to export PDF file that show up correctly?
and how to create the project parent node?



Hi @melon2monkey,

Here is the way to generate a PDF export from the Project Page:

Are you using any different method?
We could also set up a video-call to go through this together if you’d like. Let me know via and we’ll set it up.