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Export mockup XML for Confluence



we decided to use Balsamiq for Confluence after a trial of the desktop version. Now we want to export our mockups to Confluence using the instructions in this article:, however we cannot find the export to xml feature for mockups mentioned in the article. Any advice would be very appreciated here



Hi Thomas, sorry for the trouble. The issue is that you have caught us in the middle of a transition. The desktop app that you are using was just barely updated to a brand new version with a new file format. We are in the process of updating both our documentation, as well as our other products. Soon (although we don’t have an ETA at this point), you will be able to just import your mockups from the desktop app to the Confluence plugin. But for now, there are a couple steps involved.

First, you’ll need to export your project from the desktop app using Project > Export > Project to BMMLs ZIP. Then, you can expand the ZIP file and you will have BMML files. Next, you will need to open those files using our older desktop version—2.2 (which you can get here if needed: Then you can follow the instructions in that article you found to export the contents of the file to XML and then import to Confluence.

Sorry that it is kind of a pain right now! We’re working to make it easier in the future. Thanks!


Hi Guys, love the product BTW.

I am eager to use the latest release but the drop of the XML export from desktop (to import to confluence) is a blocker for me to use the new release. We use Confluence for all our doc needs.

I understand the workaround but when I am in the flow and driving docs this really interrupts it! :slight_smile:

Any chance you could drop me a note when you release this feature, do you have a roadmap or ticket base to watch the feature perhaps?

thanks a mill




I exported the Balsamiq mock-ups to the Project Zip folder and opened the -bmml files in a text editor and pasted it into the import pop-up at confluence. Works fine!


My “import” button stays greyed out after having pasting in. Any reason?


Usually, that happens if the XML code is not valid, @erics.

If you send me a PM with the code, I’d be happy to have a look at it! :slight_smile:


Hey, what is the state on this one?
I wanted to export some mockups but I can not find the option to export them as XMLs.



Hey @ArcticMe :slight_smile:

There isn’t a direct Export to XML in Mockups 3, but you can export your project to a BMML zip. BMMLs are XML files, so opening them in a text editor will allow you to copy the XML data.

Does that help?

Also, 3.4.4 is out with some good bug fixes. You may want to upgrade when you get a chance. :slight_smile:



sorry to reopen the topic but the link you provide with the FAQs doesn’t exist anymore.

I’ve been using the desktop version and now I want to export my projects to Confluence, but I can’t find a way to import them.

Thanks in advance


Sorry for the confusion we have caused you, @grubio.

If you’re using Balsamiq Wireframes for Confluence, you can actually just use the project (.bmpr) file in Confluence Directly. If you attach the file to a Confluence page, you can add a Balsamiq Macro to the page to display the project.

Alternatively, you can import specific wireframes by selecting Project > Export > Mockup JSON in Mockups 3 for Desktop, and then import it into an existing Confluence Balsamiq project by selecting Project > Import > Wireframe JSON in the Balsamiq Editor.

Let me know if that helps, Grubio.


Hey @grubio, sorry to ping your inbox again, but I wanted to bring up another way to easily get a BMPR into Balsamiq Wireframes for Confluence.

I had completely forgotten about the import BMPR feature that is in new versions of the Balsamiq plugin. The old way of attaching the bmpr was around for so long, it is ingrained into my brain.

Sorry for messing that up, @grubio!


Hi Brendan,

Thanks for your informations. At the end I could make it, I have to say that while I think Balsamiq very intuitive and user friendly softwarem Confluence and Jira are just the opposite.

Thanks again for your time and interest.