Export notes font size


Is it possible to control the font size of “Notes” when exporting to pdf?


There isn’t @emnrd, but it’s not a bad thought at all. Are you finding it hard to read them?


Yeah, the font size on the print out is a little small.Not a huge deal, but a nice-to-have sort of feature.


Agreed, we will talk about it!


I see that part of the issue is that the font size of the Notes changes with the ‘image’ size. See attachment, please.It might be nice to have the font size independent of this.
NotesFontSizeTest.pdf (17.3 KB)


All this applies to the page number as well. (see attached).
Also, the page numbers display as 1/20, 2/20, etc. It would be nice to have the option to simply display 1,2,…
NotesFontSizeTest.pdf (18.0 KB)