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Export of multiple mockups is stuck (mac)

When I tried to export multiple selected mockups to PNG, the process is stuck on the saving screen (see attached image 1). When I hit “Save” - nothing happens (see image 2 attached). When I switch windows from Balsamiq and then go back, back to the first step (image 1).
I did not get the chance to actively save the project yet, and I don’t want to kill Balsamiq and take the chance that I lose everything I did…
Please advise how do I get out. of this with the highest chances not to lose everything.

Hi @Tsvika and so sorry for the trouble with this bug.

I’m assuming that you’re running the latest macOS (Catalina), correct?

Unfortunately, this bug is affecting some macOS Catalina users. It has to do with Adobe Air and affects multiple applications, including Mockups 3 for Desktop.

Trying to save or export to a different location (local folder on your machine) usually solves the issue, would you mind giving it a try?

Even is this project has not been saved yet, there should be a local backup in your Local Store Folder (accessible from the “About Balsamiq Mockups” menu item, as shown below), in case you need to force quit the app.

Please let us know how this goes, we’ll do everything we can to help!

Hi there @Virgin, thanks for getting back to me.
I was on a tight schedule so I needed to act… I forced quit the app and gladly the project was safely recovered. Although I didn’t need to follow your restore instructions, happy to know about this option.
Thanks again,

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