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Export PDF and over write existing document - fails


I have installed Balsamiq Mockups 3.1.2 and I have an issue exporting to a PDF. When I export and overwrite an existing PDF, Mockups shows it is saving, but it does not save. The old copy remains. I must first delete the old PDF before saving or save as a new name. Anyone else see this behavior?


Hi. Sorry to hear that the PDF isn’t overwriting the file for you. I just did a test on several projects I’m working on and can’t reproduce this, unfortunately.

It may be helpful for us to get a look at your files if you’d be willing to share them. If you’d be willing to work with us on it email the file to

We will keep your files in the strictest confidence and only long enough to verify the software is fixed.


I had the overwrite issue, having the PDF open at the same time in Acrobat Reader.


Ah, I see. So the issue only occurs when you have the file open and re-export. Closing the PDF first and then re-exporting work, which is what I was doing. Thanks for helping me figure out the steps, Andi. I’ll alert the team.


For whatever reason, it is now not re-creatable. it exports to PDF with no problem now.

For the problem Andi had for overwriting an open PDF, Balsamiq does throw an error message when this is the case.


Thanks for the follow up, schlehub. We’ll work on the overwriting bug.


Hi there,

I have also faced a problem with exporting a project to PDF when I had already the PDF file with the same name opened, so a problem with re-writing an existing PDF. I had an error message 3013.

Good that I remembered this topic. So it helped when I closed the Adobe Reader :blush:


I am having this problem with PNGs. It asks me to overwrite, and I do, but it really just saves a copy with a “2” appended to the file name.


Hey Ben,

I am having some issues reproducing this on OS X or Windows. Are you using the latest version of Mockups (

If you have a moment, shoot me an email ( and we can get to the bottom of this.