Export PDF not remembering options

Balsamiq 4.5.5 on the Mac, is forgetting options between saves and application restarts. (It has traditionally remembered this information.)

In the following screenshot I have seen the outlined items be forgotten:

The save location has also been forgotten.

I distribute mockups via PDF to colleagues and need the feature to work reliably. (It has until very recently.) Now I am having to reselect options each time and it is adding an overhead to my processes. It is especially felt in very large projects with 10s or 100s of wireframes.

Hi @paulshoughton

I did a quick pass at this just now with a fresh install of 4.5.5 on macOS 12.5.1 and am unable to reproduce - the Export settings are being remembered every time. Which version of macOS are you using?

I am using MacOS 12.5.1.

The behaviour is inconsistent. Sometimes settings are remembered, sometimes they are not. E.g. I can have 4-6 Projects open and some will have remembered their last settings whilst others will not. I’ll keep trying to spot a pattern.

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