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Export project from mybalsamiq and import it to mockup 3



I using MyBalsamiq online app for project containing any Symbols, but don’t use Site Assets.
Symbols names are cyrillic.

Later I wanted to work with my project in desktop Mockups 3.
I export my online project data from MyBalsamic (in BMML format), and Import it into Mockups 3.

And I see this:

I suggested that this bug may occur due to Cyrillic Symbols names, and rename Symbos into Latin in online project (in MyBalsamiq), but it destroyed the connection between Symbols and Mockups in MyBalsamiq.

Is there a another way to transfer the project with Symbols correctly from MyBalsamic to Mockups 3?

Thanks in advance.


Hi @aharito,

Sorry for the trouble with moving your project.

You’re right, it sounds like the Cyrillic characters may be causing this issue but we’d love to have a closer look to make sure about this. Did you already rebuild the symbols in your myBalsamiq project?

Would you be ok with us accessing your site so we can check on the issue?

If that’s ok, could you send us an email ( with the related project URL?
We will keep your data strictly confidential and access the site only long enough to try to debug the issue.

We’ll do our best to help! :slight_smile:


Hi @Virgin, thanks for quick answer.

I work on it.

Yes, of course. I have to do it after renaming the Symbols back, or it does not matter?


Either way is fine, @aharito, no rush on this.

Sorry again for the trouble with this, my friend. We’ll stand by for your email reply and we’ll go from there.


P.S. When I rename Symbol back to Cyrillic, and then Save the Project (online app), the link between Symbol and mockup is restored.
P.P.S.There is no way to rename a Symbol from Cyr to Latin with the ability to preservation relationship between Symbol and mockup in MyBalsamiq. It’s so?


Thank you, send you a link now.


Thanks for your email @aharito, I can see the issue here too and I’m looping in our developer in testing, Florian, so we can find the root cause of this one. I’ll probably get back to you in the morning (CET) with more information.

About renaming symbols: you’re right, there is no way to preserve them in your mockups for now in myBalsamiq, but this will change in the next major release that we are preparing for our web version.


Yes, thanks, I’m waiting.

Yet another issue with Cyr charset - text paragraph. In myBalsamiq - Ok, but in imported project in Mockup 3 - strings don’t appear, even if I copypast paragraph into Mouckup 3 from myBalsamiq, even if I make it through the editor (eg, NPP or Atom) with transcoding strings to UTF-8.

In myBalsamiq:

In Mockup 3
project, imported from myBalsamiq (even in if I copypast text into paragraph later):


Hey @aharito,

Thanks for your patience on this.

We just found the root cause for both issues and I’ve shared the details with you in my email reply. Thanks again for your report, we’ll get those fixed.

Anything else, we’re here! :slight_smile:


Thanks you too, Virgin!