Export selected wireframes without selecting them again in the export dialog

Hi Team,

When I select some wireframes and press CTRL+R (export) I would like to see these wireframes selected in the “A set of wireframes” list. I don’t want to select them again by it’s name, it is a waste of cognitive efforts since the system already knows which one is selected. :slight_smile:


That’s a really interesting idea, @Boviz.

My concern when playing around with it is that there is always at least one wireframe selected in the navigator, so would it make sense to select that in the export menu? If we do it with CMD/CTRL+R, should we do it when you select export from the menu?

It would be a fairly large change to a system, and we’d need to consider all the potential implications.

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To keep it simple, I would just add a third selection shortcut to the “set of wireframes” like this. In the very edge case when only one wireframe is selected the result is the same as with the “Current wireframe” option.
New Wireframe 1

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@Brendan @Boviz I 100% support this idea. I export a set of wireframes all the time to PDF, so that I can send a specific set to stakeholders to review. I basically have to re-select the intended wireframes and sometimes I get it wrong (because my wireframe titles are too long) and there’s no slider. This would be a great quality of life item.