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Export Symbol to PDF?

Hi Friends,

Is there a method available that allows us to export a symbol to a PDF?

Thank you.

Hey Doug,

Great question, and not one I have seen before.

There isn’t a way to export a symbol to PDF from the symbol view (but maybe that’s something worth discussing?), but you can add a symbol to a blank wireframe, and then use the PDF export dialog to export just that wireframe.

Does that help, Doug? Do you think exporting the PDF directly from the symbol view is something you would use a lot?

Let me know and I can bring it up with the team.

Hi Brendan,

Thank you, I am aware that I can place the control on a mockup.

No, I don’t do this all the time, but thought the functionality may exist somewhere. The reason behind my request is that the Header in this case, never appears alone on a mockup. I am gaining approval from the client on the header in specific, hence my curiosity.

Thank you,


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Ahh, that makes sense, Doug.

I will chat with the team about it :slight_smile:

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