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Export to Clipboard includes arrows that indicate links


I am using Mockups 3 for Desktop. When I export a mockup to clipboard, the export includes the little pink arrows that indicate a link, when I paste the export into another document. I don’t recall whether this was the case with previous versions of Balsamiq Mockups.

Is there a way to export to clipboard without the link indicators? Hiding markup does not affect the link indicators.

Thank you.


I’ve just stumbled upon a workaround: the arrows do not display when a link is applied to a group. For a single UI element that means I have to “group” the element, then link the group. However, that also means the link arrows are not visible in Mockups. In full screen mode, with hinting turned on, the linked groups are highlighted.

It would still be better if the link indicator arrows were not visible when pasting a mockup from the clipboard, without having to do these extra steps.


I spoke too soon. It appears that when a group is linked, the arrow goes ‘behind’ the group. In many cases this ‘hides’ the arrow, but not in all cases. So I’m still back to my original problem of the linked arrows being visible when I export the mockup to the clipboard and paste it.


Hi Tracy, thanks for letting us know about this. I was trying to reproduce this, and I’m just not seeing the same thing.

Windows 7:

Windows 8.1:

I am definitely seeing this bug though. I’ll get that written up and we’ll get it fixed.

If you’re still seeing the problem with the pink arrow showing up, could you give me some more details? Thanks!


I’m also using Windows 8.1 and I see the link arrow when I paste into MS Word (Office 2013) and Paint.
My version of Balsamiq Mockups is 3.03 - 03/11/2015 10:31
To generate the exported image I’m using Project > Export > Mockup to Clipboard
I’m not sure what I could be doing differently.


Aha! Thank you so much for that details information, especially the steps you are taking. I was selecting the controls, then going to Edit > Copy as Image. I can easily reproduce what you are seeing with Project > Export > Mockup to Clipboard. I’ll get that written up, and we’ll get it fixed. Thanks again!