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Export to PDF doesn't work and can't cancel it


I have a wireframe with which I can’t generate a PDF. I tried other wireframe I did previously and it’s working fine but with this one, it doesn’t work.
When I try, I have this and it’s impossible to cancel it, the only way to get out is to force quitting.

For info, I’m with MacOS : 10.15.1 and with 3.5.17 of balsamiq.

Any idea where the problem is ?
Thank you for your help.

Hi @gdocreative and sorry for the trouble.

We have been getting a few reports about this issue and it seems to be related to Adobe AIR not playing well with the new macOS unfortunately.

Since it seems to be solving the issue for most people, could you please try to export to a different local folder to see if it makes a difference?

Sorry again for the hassle, we’ll do our best to help!