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Export to PDF - Generate Separate PDF's?

Hi Friends - I’ve got a Balsamiq file with 25 mockups. Is there a method of exporting to individual PDF files or would I be required to do this manually? Thanks!

Hi @Doug,

So, when exporting to PDF in Mockups 3 there are 3 options:

  • All mockups - every mockup in your project is exported to a single PDF file
  • Current mockup - the current mockup is exported singly to a single PDF file
  • A set of mockups - a subset of your project (selected by you) is exported to a single PDF file

Unfortunately, there’s no feature which allows you to export all mockups, or a subset of mockups, to individual PDF files. I seem to be doing a pretty good job today of giving you answers which are not the answer you want to hear :frowning:

That said, it may be relatively simple to achieve your goal using another tool. For example, the Preview app built into macOS allows you to easily split PDFs to individual pages by simply dragging a page thumbnail to your desktop. Are you on a Mac? Again, it’s not ideal but hopefully you can find a way to make that work for you?

Thank you for the response. I am in an environment with very controlled systems, so this trick won’t work. I’ve come up with my thoughts about Balsamiq today. Just a little humour.

“Balsamiq - So close, but so far away”

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