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Export to PDF in 3.0.7 does not include symbols


I use symbols for the headers, footers and other common elements in a project with ~40 mockups.
With 3.0.7 when I export all the all of the mockups to pdf, all of the symbols appear as “Symbol not found”.

All of the symbols appear when I am editing the mockups within Balsamiq 3.0.7 and they also appear correctly when i use the Full screen presentation.
This function worked just fine in all previous versions I have used (3.0.3, 3.0.5, 2.2, etc.)

This is Critical functionality for me, as I post the wireframes as a linked pdf for team members to use.


I experience the same issue. On several of the pages the dreaded “Symbol not found” box appears instead of the content in the PDF…it is fine in the mockup.


Worse yet, the same issue occurs with Export -> Project to PNGs seem to have the exact same issue. The only way around this is to export PNGs 1 at a time… not exactly the quickest workflow.


Hi everyone. So sorry for this regression. The fix is ready and you can test it with the build on - we are doing some final testing and planning on releasing an official 3.0.8 release today.


Hello everyone, we just released 3.0.8 which fixes this issue: