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Export to PDF is failing

Hi! I have recently installed the version 4.1.12 and am suddenly having problems exporting several projects to PDF. The application crashes with an error message. Here is the part of the error log following the error:

[2021-01-06 13:59:39.121Z][Core…] *** INTERNAL ERROR ***
[2021-01-06 13:59:39.121Z][Core…] Product: Balsamiq Wireframes for Windows
[2021-01-06 13:59:39.121Z][Core…] Runtime: {“type”:“jsvm”,“os”:{“name”:“windows”,“version”:“10.0.19041.0”,“fullString”:“Microsoft Windows NT 10.0.19041.0”},“hostName”:“NBB035-370”,“jsvm”:{“name”:“V8”}}
[2021-01-06 13:59:39.121Z][Core…] Build Number: windows-0
[2021-01-06 13:59:39.121Z][Core…] Value cannot be null. (Parameter ‘baseUri’)
[2021-01-06 13:59:39.121Z][Core…] Error: Value cannot be null. (Parameter ‘baseUri’)
[2021-01-06 13:59:39.121Z][Core…] at HostDelegate. ()
[2021-01-06 13:59:39.121Z][Core…] at Object.WindowsEditorLib…/js/windows/common/native-windows.js.Native.Host.PDF.commands (Script [2]:128441:15)
[2021-01-06 13:59:39.121Z][Core…] at Script [2]:35342:95
[2021-01-06 13:59:39.121Z][Core…] at Script [2]:55585:9
[2021-01-06 13:59:39.121Z][Core…] at Script [2]:127934:26
[2021-01-06 13:59:39.121Z][Core…] at Object.callWithTryCatch (Script [2]:40951:20)
[2021-01-06 13:59:39.121Z][Core…] at Script [2]:127933:25
[2021-01-06 13:59:39.121Z][Core…] at Object.WindowsEditorLib…/js/windows/common/native-windows.js.Native.myCallback (Script [2]:127840:19)
[2021-01-06 13:59:39.121Z][Core…] at Function. (Script [2]:127917:16)
[2021-01-06 13:59:39.121Z][Native] Aborting project, thread JVMThread 0: Value cannot be null. (Parameter ‘baseUri’)
[2021-01-06 13:59:39.229Z][Native] Make VM of type operationProgress

Have others recently experienced this problem too? Export to PNG works fine.

Hi @nikolai,

Thanks for the post and so sorry for the annoyance here. I just did a quick one-pass test of exporting to PDF with a handful of different project files using Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop v 4.1.12 on Windows 10 and I’m not seeing any crashes so it’s likely this issue is related to something specific to your project file.

It will probably be quicker and easier to diagnose this if we can take a look at the project file in question - would that be possible? Of course, we’ll only keep it as long as needed for the investigation and only Balsamiq staff will have access.

Please email the .BMPR file to If it’s too large to attach to an email, you can send it via a Dropbox link or using a file-transfer service like or such. Thank you.

Dear @alasdair, thank you very much for the quick reply! In the meantime, I think I could narrow down the problem. It is happening with the projects created with Mockups 3 if they are opened with Wireframes 4. Moreover, it’s quite certainly font-related. The following steps create the problem for me, for example:

  • Start Mockups 3 (I use 3.5.17), create a new project
  • Add an element, e.g. a Title
  • Click on “Project information” and set the font to, let’s say, Segoe UI (it’s the standard in my company)
  • Save and close the project
  • Open it with Wireframes 4.1.12 and try to export to PDF. For me, this causes a crash.
    I might be wrong, but I don’t remember encountering this problem before installing 4.1.12. If you still need the .bmpr file, please let me know! Thanks again!

Hi @nikolai,

Great sherlocking my friend! Thank you. Your steps allowed me to reproduce this so I’ll get a ticket written up so our engineers can take a look. The same export is not an issue in 4.1.10 if you need to roll back so you can continue to export to PDF.