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Export to PDF not working



I’m trying to export to PDF, but it is getting ‘stuck’ at a certain point (see screenshot)

I have tried with other projects with fewer mockups and they are working fine, just not this one. Can anyone help?


Thanks Tim


Sorry for the trouble, @Tim_Dettmar.

It seems like this project has a lot of mockups indeed and it might be causing the issue here.

Would it be possible to share the related BMPR file via so that we can try to reproduce the issue here?
We will keep your data strictly confidential and only long enough to help you with this.



I’m trying to close the file and now it is stuck at this stage.

Bit nervous I might lose a lot of work :frowning:

Any suggestions?



We have a backup system (since version 3.2.1) for all projects locally to an internal folder.

Can you please check in your local store folder for a backup?
The folder is called “LocalProjects”.

We’ll do our best to help!


Phew…I’ve managed to sort it. I decided to end the task and re-opened and it seems to be fine now and exports without a problem. Thanks for the help and the note on the LocalProjects backup.


Thanks for letting us know, Tim!

We’ll be here if you need anything. :slight_smile:


I have noticed this as well. If you have more than around 10 mockups in a project the desktop application starts becoming significantly slower.
My only option then is to quit and restart it.

Do we know if there is something hogging the memory for bigger files or any resource allocation needs to be done. e.g not loading all the components together and only loading on demand (not sure if you are already doing that. Just thoughts)


Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience with this one, @Stallion_V. I see on a different thread that you’re using Data Grids a lot and it might be causing the issue on your end.

The Data Grid is by far our most complex control and using it extensively in a project can cause some issues indeed. That being said, we’re getting closer to our new native version and hopefully it should help with such performance issues.

Let us know if you need anything else.