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Export to PDF with notes


Hi there,

When I export to PDF with notes I can’t seem to see the notes anywhere in the PDF? How are they supposed to be displayed?


Good morning, @DragonXD!

To get Wireframe Notes to show up in a PDF export, you first need to ensure that the option is selected in the export dialog:

01 AM

Once you have done that, the notes should show at the bottom of any wireframe that has them:

Let me know if that helps!


My question is where do do you create the notes in the first place, that could be exported to the pdf.

I have tried:

  • adding a note control, which always appears in the pdf (unsurprisingly as it is a control ;^)
  • adding comments, which do not appear in the pdf
  • adding a project description, which again does not appear as a note (again unsurprisingly)

I have had a search around the tutorials / community but the main place wireframe notes seems to come up is in the “coming soon”

More help appreciated!


The notes panel is on the right side of Mockups 3 in the inspector panel (open it with CTRL + ; ) and deselect any control:


Sorry for the hassle @guy75!

@heringsfilet shared the trick indeed: you have to make sure that no controls are selected for the Notes panel to appear.

Any questions, we’re here! :slight_smile:


Thanks folks for the help – though to be honest I think comments and call-out would be a nicer thing to include in the pdf, compared to what seems like a single piece of unstructured text.


It’s an interesting idea, @guy75. We put them at the bottom because we figured that would be more like handwritten notes.

We are experimenting with note-related stuff in the next version of the app. What would you like to see in terms of exported notes? Would you want them in their own space, with a Notes title? Or were you thinking of something else?