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Export to PDF without markups: white space instead of markups


Hello Everyone,

I have one more issue, which is probably a feature needed for someone else, but for me it looks like a bug.
I’m working on a prototype for mobile devices. So in my Balsamiq project I have a symbol with an iPhone (which is treated as a markup) and a top bar with a rectangle for the content (not markup). For sharing the mockups my team and I export them to clickable PDFs.

When we’d like to show the mockups on a laptop, we show the markups with the iPhone. But sometimes we’d like to test the mockups on mobile devices. And there is a problem. When we export mockups to PDF without markups, there is white space on the left and top. So it makes it completely useless for testing it on a mobile device. Here is a pic to demonstrate that:

I can imagine the situations when it could be helpful, but for my team and me that is a catastrophe. Is there anything we could do with that issue?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hi @Liubi,

I understand how annoying this white space must be when testing the mockups on mobile devices.

I just tried to reproduce the steps you perform and actually had a result with no empty space around the content.

Would you mind sharing your BMPR file with us (via so that we reproduce the issue here? We keep your data in the strictest confidence and only long enough to help you.

Thanks for your input and the detailed informations.


Hi @Virgin,
I’ve just sent a BMPR file only with the symbol that causes my problems and a PDF to show how it looks for me now.
I hope there is a way to solve this my issue in a smart way :smiley:


I know this issue is a bit old, but I just tried to test my mockups on a mobile device for the first time, and ran into the exact same problem with Mockups for Desktop 3.3.3. Is there any news on a workaround or fix?


Hey @mrdehate

This has been a fun one. It was something we reintroduced in 3.3.1, but in a newer, super-weird way. We are actually working on a fix for it right now, but there are a couple things you can do in the interim.

You can downgrade to Mockups 3.2.4 until the fix is live. We have the downloads available in our archives here:

Or, and this may be easier, you can load your project into our [webdemo] ( and export it that way. Strangely enough, even though the webdemo uses the EXACT same editor as 3.3.3, it doesn’t suffer the whitespace issue.

I told you: super weird!

I’m sorry about any hassle this causes you in the interim. We will get it fixed!


Thanks for the response Brendan, though I’m having similar issues with both Mockups 3.2.4 and the webdemo…

With the webdemo, I get exactly the same results - the top and left still has space reserved for the hidden objects, but the bottom and right are trimmed down to the content like I’d expect.

Mockups 3.2.4 meanwhile, that reserves the space on all sides of the mockup, not just the top and left.


Thanks for the additional information @mrdehate. I think we may have a fix to test for this soon. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s in the beta channel!