Export to PNG - Page num in file name?


Is there anyway to add the mockup’s page number in the file name when exporting to PNG?

I have my entire site organized in the mockups however when I export them all of this is lost as it’s then ordered aplhabetically by page name. I’d like to upload this to a presentation tool, but need the order shown to match the order in Balsamiq.



We don’t have a way to do this right now @Louis, but it’s something we have talked about adding. I’ll bring it up again and see where we are on it.

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Thanks for the quick reply. Do you have any other suggestions for a some what automated way of exporting and presenting as static images through browser? I would like to avoid presenting as a PDF.


While it might be a lot of work, you could rename your mockups to have the number before the name.

IE 01 - Homepage, 02 - About Page, etc

That way, they will export in order that is reflected in your mockup.

Is that what your looking for?


I thought about that, but then if I ever make any additions I would have to
re-number all the following items.


It’s true, Louis. Not the best workaround at the moment, I admit, but probably the best one.

I’m sorry about that, my friend.


I posted the same question a while ago. It should seem to simple… somewhere in a settings dialogue allow operator to enter a mask for file names.

Like some image grabbers would have %N = Name, %W = width etc.

That way you could export with or without mask, and have the file name be either
01_HOMEPAGE_20170431.png using the mask %N2%T%D for number 2 digits, title and date.

Look at irfanview and Stone Capture (free) for inspiration.

It’s frustrating not being able to use variable data stored internally in the software.

Hope this is implemented.


I think there were other requests too… but yeah… no movement on this in 2 years and counting… kind of support to say they will bring it up with the dev team again… but doesn’t seem like a feature they are ever going to add. Sad.


What if you exported to PDF, and then converted the PDF to images? Depending on whatever PDF software you use it may spit them all out in the correct order. Not sure how quality/size compares to directly exporting from Balsamiq to PNG.


@Ryan : true, but it does seem really counter-intuitive having to do that. Especially because it would be a 1-hour thing to add: just add variables to the export-save routine.

Sad since Balsamiq is not free. I think most customers would not mind paying 20% extra if they could get a few extra developers making it more intuitive.


I think most of our ideas will be channeled into version 4 of Balsamiq (for desktop), after they are finished with all the native platform stuff and unification with Balsamiq Cloud.


Hi friends and sorry for the lack of updates on this one.

As @Ryan mentioned, we are working hard on polishing our new native version (private beta for our new web version has already started) and this is why we have been implementing less features than usual lately.

That being said, we continue to release new updates regularly and we’re about to release one for Mockups 3 for Desktop that has many bug fixes.

In the meantime, we continue to add each and every vote for feature requests to help us define which ones to tackle first in the next major version of our tool so please keep the votes coming!

Thank you all for your patience, we’re here if you need any assistance. :slight_smile:


Well… you could number them like 100, 200, 300, etc.
Any addition could be 150 for example.
Not a very neat option, but as work around it could work just fine.


I’m needing this right now actually. Because InVision.