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Exporting an Interaction Flow Diagram


I’m looking to export my mockups into a single interaction diagram to give a team an overview of how screens relate. Something like this, a graph of boxes and arrows, but instead of boxes it would display screens and arrows.

Is anything like this possible?


Hey @bc91404, thanks for taking the time to get in touch about this.

Unfortunately, something like this isn’t possible yet, but it is very much on our to-do list.

I know that that doesn’t help you right now, but there are a couple work arounds you could use in the interim.

  1. You could create a sitemap with all your mockups, and then link to them individually


  1. You could create a series of shapes and arrows to mimic your diagram above, and then use those shapes to link to the individual mockups

Neither of those solutions are great if you are working with a lot of mockups in your project, and I’m really sorry about that. We want to get this added to Mockups soon, we just have a couple things we have to take care of first.


Thanks for the quick reply Brendan, I appreciate it. Glad to hear it’s on your todo list, it would be a fantastic feature.


I would really like to cast my vote for this feature, as well. It would be fantastic if, when we created all of our linked mockups, we could just click a button and get a flow chart to show the whole set up…


Hey @stageslearning

We missed this forum post when we were posting about recent updates, and I’m sorry about that. We recently added the ability to populate a site map based on the project structure. Not exactly what you guys are looking for here, but maybe good work around?

Let me know what you think!


I’m sorry Angela, I didn’t realize you were using myBalsamiq.

I should note: This feature is not yet in myBalsamiq. As I mentioned to Angela, it is coming. The majority of our dev team is hard at work on that right now. 2016 should be a very big year for myBalsamiq.


Hi there,
I also put my voice for the initial feature. In my department we often do something like that to show developers, what exactly we want. As an idea maybe arrows could be based on the links (and not just based on a structure of a project), so that you would not need to create them manually.
Not sure how this feature could look like, but I feel like we need it.