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Exporting mockup image to clipboard


As part of our workflow we paste mockups into functional specs (in google docs). With desktop, the flow worked very well because you could export the mockup to a clipboard image and then jump into the document and paste the image. (either into a new location or by selecting the old image and replacing it)

I am trying out the Google Drive v3 plugin and can’t seem to get this to work. I see the option Project > Export > Mockup to Clipboard but it doesn’t seem to put anything into the clipboard.

Is this a known bug or am I doing something incorrectly?


Sorry @abierbaum, it looks like that is broken. I’ll get it written up and we’ll knock it out soon. Sorry for the snag!

As a workaround, you could use Project > Export > Mockup to PNG instead and then import the image. Slightly less convenient, but hopefully still workable. Thanks!


Hi @abierbaum, we found out more about this. I checked with our developers, and the problem is that we are a Flash-based application for right now, and they have security limitations that we can’t put image data on the clipboard. So this is a feature in the Desktop app, but unfortunately won’t work in the browser. We are removing that option from the menu so that it’s not so confusing. Thanks!


This is a major bummer. This issue is over a year old… is there going to be a fix ?
Without being able to actually insert images of the mock-ups into other documents this tool is useless.

Sure we can all work remotely on the same project, but what can we DO with it ? Tell the client to install plug-ins so they can see our wire-frames ? And read the text elsewhere which describes it… I don’t think so.

Without a proper export, I’m going back to PaintShopPro.


Hey @Andrew, I’m really sorry for the inconvenience this is causing you.

As Ben mentioned, this is a security limitation of being a Flash application that lives inside a web browser. We are hoping that this will change when we launch our native editor. We are hoping to have a closed beta later this year.

I’m sorry that this process hasn’t been faster, but it has been a huge project for our small team. But the wait is almost over. :slight_smile:


S’ok. Well I discovered you can export to PNG (not my format of choice -
but, there you go)
It’d be nice to be able to export all to separate files - rather than
generate a ZIP with them all in, but then… it’d be nice to have linked
images in Google Docs to start with - so that this feature was usable - but
again… there you go. Perhaps Google will address this in the future,
then your plug-in can make use of it.