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Exporting mockups to xml



Sorry if this question got asked before but I couldn’t find anything about through google or on this forum for my specific question.

I am following a class called Analyst Programmer, for the analysis part we designed or mockups with Balsamiq and now for the programming part we are learning how to program with Visual Studio.

Now the teacher told us it is possible to import xml code into visual studio but he didn’t know if it possible to export it from balsamiq and then import it to Visual studio.

I already read somewhere that there is a possibility to export your project to a zip file and then open the files with a text editor and that’s the xml code.
But is there a way to get this xml code into Visual Studio?

Sorry if this is a stupid question, just started with all of this so trying to learn more and more about it.



Hey Sam,

This is not a stupid question at all, my friend. It’s true that Mockups 3 for Desktop and myBalsamiq can export Mockups to XML, but there are a lot of custom properties in our XML - stuff that our apps understand, but Visual Studio probably won’t.

I’ve done some looking around, and I cannot find a good way to get your Mockups XML into Visual studio. I’m sorry about that. I’ll update this thread if I end up finding something - would you mind doing the same?

Let me know if there is anything else we can help with, Sam.


Hey brendan,

Thank you for the fast reply.
I am aswell looking around and I will update this thread if I find something!