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Exporting notes to PDF


Firstly, Balsamiq Mockups is great product - thank you :slight_smile: However, I’m having aissue with exporting notes to PDF.

Basically, I’ve designed some screen mockups to demonstrate at a client meeting. I have written extensive notes to accompany each page of the design (the workflow is quite complex and there are business rules that need referring to).

At the moment, when I export the design to PDF, I’ve chosen to fit the design to one page. However, Balsamiq is also adding the notes to the same page which is squishing the main design into about a third of the area of the page making everything unreadable. Compounding this, there is no option in Balsamiqs to print the notes by themselves (i.e without the design).

So, this is either a feature request to be able to export notes by themselves to PDF (without the design on the same page), or to be able to print notes on a different page to the design (e.g. by inserting a page break before the notes).

Thanks for listening



Hey Jon.

Totally see the issue here. I will bring it back to team and see if we can put Mockup Notes on a separate page after they reach a certain size.

Thanks for taking the time to reach out with this pain, and I’m sorry for any frustration it is causing you. :frowning:


Hi Brendan, thanks for your quick response. It would be great if some kind of fix could be made. Personally, I’d prefer it if notes could be opted to print on a separate page and then the design can stand alone and the ‘shrink to fit a page’ PDF export functionality could just apply to the design itself (without the notes).


I’m having the same issue. I need to be able to share my notes with the team.


Thanks, @thedebstor.

I’ll check in on this and see where we are. I’m not sure it’s something we will be able to get to before we launch the native versions of Mockups, but knowing it’s something you want helps!