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Exporting to InVision


I’m using the free Balsamiq web app and am having trouble exporting my mockups to PDF so I can upload them to InVision. Please help!


Hi @graceregan1,

Thanks for using our little tool.

Here is the way to export to PDF in myBalsamiq:

Hope this helps! Let us know if you need any further information. :wink:


If you’re working with InVision, you’re likely to have better results if you export the mockups as PNG files directly to your sync’d InVision folder. (using the InVision Sync tool)


Yes, exporting to PNG +InVision sync works perfectly as long as you work within an element with a fixed width for the wireframe. I usually make a rectangle that is my screen and work inside that.

Of course… if mybalsamiq were to catch up with invision in terms of functionality and ease of use… (hint hint!) :smiley: we wouldn’t need all this non-sense. :smile: