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Exporting to myBalsamiq


Hello, I’m new to Balsamiq Cloud and myBalsamiq. I started creating projects in Balsamiq Cloud free trial online, but now I have a myBalsamiq account and want to import those projects created in Balsamiq Cloud to myBalsamiq. How can I do this?


It’s described here:


Thanks for your help @p.scheller, but my problem is that I want to export a project from Balsamiq Cloud and import it to myBalsamiq.


And the export formats don’t work? Did you try?
But usually downgrading is more problematic than upgrading, and they never mentioned an upward compatibility.


Thank you again for your help! Yes, I’ve been trying downloading my project, it downloads as bmpr file, and I tried changing it to bmml and then zipping it. I’ve also tried copy/pasting my project ( as a desperated option ) but any of it works. I’ve also downloaded the wireframe as json code, and I’ve converted it to and xml code (with an online converter), then imported the xml code to myBalsamiq, but it seems that it doesn’t work.


Hi @viena and sorry for the hassle with this conversion process.

myBalsamiq (our legacy web product) uses our old file format indeed and Balsamiq Cloud does not have an option for exporting a project to that old format.

That being said, the option for exporting a BMPR file to a BMML’s ZIP file is available in our current Desktop version, as detailed here.

Don’t hesitate to reach out and share the related file(s) via if you need any help converting those.

We’re here to help! :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for the help @Virgin! I’ll try it :slight_smile: