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External link in Symbol Library


I have some Symbol Libraries, such as “Buttons”. From that Library I’d like to link to an external page which contains our Styleguide for Buttons.
When I place a comment on the Symbol Library an mark the text as link - like I do it on a Mockup - the Property “link” ist missing ond the Inspector.
Any solution for my request?


Hrm, looks like a bug, @romulus68. I’m sorry about that. I see it in Balsamiq Cloud as well, so let me talk to the dev team and see what’s going on there.

In the interim, you can use the full markdown expression for a link, and that will work:

[link text](URL of link)

Give that a try and let me know if you’re able to link to your styleguide that way.


Thank you @Brendan, that works well.