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Failing to save


I’m having some serious challenges with Mockups 3 not saving. During usual usage the bmpr file isn’t being saved. I’ve lost hours worth of work and am at my wits end.

The scenario. I’m working in Mockups 3. I save. I close Mockups 3. I get no “unsaved” warning and everything appears fine. When I reopen Mockups all my changes are gone. My system has a live backup and archives a copy every time something is saved to disk. When I look at my save logs there are large gaps where files aren’t saved. I’m a habitual file saver. I’ve never lost a file due to not saving. However, since using Mockups 3 I’ve lost multiple files.

Anyone else seen this? I never had an issue with Mockups 2 on the same machine with the same set up. I’ve used Mockups for years, but this is a deal breaker.


Hi @sbford

I am really sorry to hear that you had data loss.
We released today a new version that should take care of the issue that mainly occurred when the file was stored on a network drive or server.
Can you try the latest version?
You can get it here:
And here are the complete release notes: