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Fails to render symbols when exporting all mockups to PNGs


I have a project that uses lots of symbols. When I Export the entire project to PNGs some of the symbols do not render to the resulting PNG files. Instead I just get a box that says “Symbol not found” where the symbol should be. If I export each mockup individually, I do not have this problem.

Any idea what’s wrong here?


Hey @mcarrano!

Do you mind emailing your BMPR to so that I can take a look? We take data confidentiality very seriously and would keep the file for only as long as we would need to diagnose the issue.

Edit: Also, are you running the newest version of Mockups from We had a bug with bulk PNG exports that got fixed in the newest version (3.1.8)


Hey Brendan,

Thanks for the quick reply. I downloaded and tried this with ver 3.1.8 this morning. Can’t reproduce the problem so hopefully this is fixed.

p.s. I’m a long time user and really love the changes from Balsamiq 2 to Balsamiq 3!