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Favorite Widgets in UI Library


Hi I use Balsamiq for desktop on PC, I want to group my favorite widgets into a UI Library container. Is this a feature request or am I missing the ability.


Are you talking about symbols? ->

If you want to have your “most used” or “recently used” UI components provided by balsamiq, this is not possible afaik - but could be a nice new feature…


Hi @ChrisSmithHill and thanks for sharing your need today!

As you suspected, you’re not the first person to ask about this one so I’m adding your vote for this feature request.

Please let us know if you need anything else, we’re here to help! :slight_smile:


Hi @Virgin,
Thanks, is there a link to that Feature Request so I can track or is it internal only?


We keep track of all requests using an internal tool, @ChrisSmithHill. That being said, we usually post an update on every related forum thread when/if we add the features. So we’ll keep you in the loop about this one!


@Virgin any news about this feature? Seems bizarre that you can have a ton of different UI library elements but no way to sort them at all. Or am I missing something?


Hi @marcooos and thanks for checking on this one.

No progress on this one since we’ve been mostly focused on releasing our new native apps lately. That being said, I’m adding your vote to help to prioritize the request for the future.

We’ll be here to help if you need anything else.


I agree with the original poster…this was one of the first things I looked for…would be very convenient!