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Favourite colors


It would be fine if the colors, that i have allready defined in some item would be automaticaly recommended for next use. I guess most developers got few predefined project colors and now we have to always remember that e.g. for something with “our” green we need to type in 008000


Hey @Tomas_Kapler,

Thanks for the suggestion! I’ve added your vote for this one to help us measure how much people want to see it implemented.

As always, we’re here to help if you need anything else. Thanks for keep sharing your thoughts with us! :slight_smile:


Add mine, too, @Virgin! :smile:
Whenever I make mock-ups, I try to use the CI-Colours, which are not part of the usual colour palette. It would be great there was an option to save some colours.


two more relevant ideas

  1. maybe it would be the best, if i could define my project colors in Project info panel.
  2. at least, you should automaticaly add the Links and Selection colors to the colors panel, plus 8 others userdefined, so the color panel would have 1 more row of 10 project colors, with internal names e.g. user0 to user9, so that they could be easily incorporated in the symbols without other extra hacks, and so that changing e.g. user0 color to something else would repaint all the mockups in the project, the same way as it is now with changing Links or Selection colors


Agree, please consider adding the ability to set ‘project colors’ in the Project Information panel. I’m currently using a symbol library for this but it would be so much faster if I could simply select my project-colours from the colour picker.



Great idea. I’d also suggest allowing users to ‘name’ their colours. They would then appear at the bottom of the colour picker grid and instead of “Blue 7” the user would see what they wrote, perhaps “Main heading BG (#abc123)”

On a slight tangent, it would be helpful if the expired trial version of balsamiq which becomes read only would still show the user what colours, text sizes, etc had been selected in a disabled state, so that developers can easily see what the designers have chosen in their licensed copies.