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Fearture request - Duplicate official version as new mockup


It’s great that we can duplicate an alternative version as a new mockup. It’s also great that we can duplicate an entire mockup (including all alternatives).

BUT, why can’t we duplicate just the official version as a new mockup (ie without also bringing all the alternatives with it?)

Every time I need to do this, I have to delete all the unwanted alternatives manually, one at a time. Either that or I have to create a new blank mockup, and then copy/paste all the content from the parent mockup that I need.

[IMPLEMENTED] Feature request - promote alternate to new mockup

Hi @Chris_Gatland,

I’ve added this feature request in our internal tool, thanks for sharing it with us. Just so you know, we are also considering an option to delete multiple alternates at the same time so this could help with this too.

Have a great day! :slight_smile: