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[Feature] Export Selected Wirefames to PNG


There are many times when I want to export a subset of wireframes to PNG - not all of them and not just the one I’m currently looking at.

Currently, the Export submenu offers two PNG related options:

  • Current Wireframe to PNG
  • All Wireframes to PNG

These two options remain the same even if I have selected multiple wireframes (with the first option exporting the wireframe displayed on the canvas which is whichever wireframe was first selected).

If the subset I need to export is almost all of them I can choose “All” and then delete the ones that aren’t necessary, but when the subset I need is much less than all, it would be much more useful if, when two or more wireframes are selected, either the first option changed from “Current” to “Selected” OR a third “Selected Wireframes to PNG” is added to the menu, thus avoiding the need to go through the process of selecting and exporting every one (with the added step of unselecting “Use Transparent Background” if necessary).

In either case, choosing “Selected Wireframes to PNG” should work in the same way that the “All Wireframes to PNG” option works, only exporting just the wireframes in the selection.


Hi @Jenni_Merrifield,

Thanks for the post and for the great feedback. We have had this request before so you’re not alone in wanting this. I have added your vote in support!

Thanks again.


If Export to PNG worked similarly to Export to PDF it would be very handy.

Often I’ll generate PDFs for early testing and review before generating PNGs for inclusion in documents, presentations or Jira.

Being able to export the same set and choose the final output would be handy.

Also handy would be to have the option to number the PNGs when generating them to keep the same order as is present in the BMPR. (Helps when finding the right mockup out of 50+ options.)