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[Feature] Please add Icon for "Switch to Symboleditor" to Toolbar

The same with switching back from Symboleditor to Wireframe… (BTW same problem with assets-editor)
You have this weird floating dialog - why not a toolbar-button???

Missing Icons for switching between theses editors is specially on Mac very annoying. As you know Mac has it’s menu on top of the screen. It’s not a good UX to have such long ways from App to important menus.

Hi @Mike_Mitterer and thanks for sharing your thoughts about this one.

We completely understand your pain with this one and I’ll make sure to raise it to the team. This is a good discussion because we recently decided to get rid of the hamburger icon that used to be in the toolbar, allowing you to switch to the Symbols, Assets and Trash views.

We do have plans to make switching easier so we’ll talk about it more and see if we can come up with a better solution here, thanks again!