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Feature: Quick Add at mouse cursor


Not too sure if there is already such feature in Balsqmiq.

Anyway, will be good to have direct Quick Add at mouse cursor as another way to add using the toolbar during layout .
I find out less distracting to add this way as our eyes already at the editing area, thus less likely to disrupt the “flow”.

This Quick Add feature could be more intelligent as to show only 4 commonly used items based what is already been used in the document and initial letters. It can be activated at like shortcut key (eg A key)


Hi @macdevign_mac and thanks for reaching out!

Interesting idea, I’m adding the feature request and we’ll discuss it with the team.

Btw, you can add a control at your cursor position by using SHIFT + ENTER, as detailed here.

About your second request, we are discussing a way to show favorite/commonly used controls so I’m adding your vote there.

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts today! :slight_smile:


I like the idea of showing the “quick add control” near the mouse, which is different to SHIFT + ENTER (which is also a great shortcut btw.)

Please add my vote to this (:


Strange that it does not work for the Mac version. Shift+enter does not do

I running Mac OS high Sierra , Balsqmiq v3.999.492


Before SHIFT + ENTER will work you need to type “+” (focus on quick add search) and type in a component name. Once there is one selected you can hit SHIFT + ENTER and it should work.