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[feature req] Full screen on Mac


Please allow real full screen mode for Balsamiq on Mac - working on 13 inch macbook could be quite tricky with all the toolbars around.


We hear you, @Vaclav_Kocian, and it’s coming!

Our current app runs on Adobe Air, which cannot take advantage of macOS’ full-screen mode. We are in the process of rewriting the app to be completely native, which will allow it to go full screen (in addition to a lot of other great features.)

It’s a big process, as we are writing it from scratch, but we hope to have some news about it soon. :slight_smile:

I’m really sorry for any hassle we cause in the meantime - but it won’t be like this forever!


Hi @Brendan, cool happy to hear that…only sad thing is that this exact message is told to us for quite a long time which could no longer be qualified as “soon”. So how about some more exact timeline what to expect down the road and mainly when?


I’m sorry I don’t have a more precise timeline, my friend. We are hesitant to say anything more specific for that because plans can change very quickly.

I can say that our focus is on getting Balsamiq Cloud (our new web app) into a shippable state. Not because it’s more important than the Desktop app, but because the Balsamiq Cloud editor will provide a great deal of code for the Desktop editors. We have already started porting that code to the Mac.

I’m hoping we will be talking more about Cloud and Desktop in the coming months. I’m sorry that I cannot be more specific than that. I realize it’s disappointing that we have to be somewhat vague here, but it would be more disappointing if we gave a timeline, and then missed it.

I’d love to get you on the beta tester list if you’d be willing @Vaclav_Kocian. Let me know, and I’ll add you. :slight_smile:


Hi @Brendan, yeah, I understand this position of yours and why you want to keep it.

Ok, add me to the beta testers list if I’m not already on it. Thanks.


Done and done, my friend.

Thanks for understanding. We will be in touch. :slight_smile:


I would also like this functionality. Could you add me to the list of beta testers?

I worked with adobe air for many years … and I realized it was done in adobe air since when I first opened the system. I was very surprised by your talent for UX, even with a slightly outdated technology (I discovered balsamiq a few months ago), have managed to create a really pleasurable system to use.

I look forward to the updated version! :slight_smile:


Oh that’s awesome, @Thiago_Lins. Thank you for being so kind!

I have added you to the beta list, my friend. Looking forward to your thoughts on the native version.


@Brendan could you also add me as a native Mac beta tester? Thank you!!


Done and done :slight_smile:


Thank you! Will I be sent beta instructions, or is it not yet ready for beta testing?


We aren’t quite there yet with Desktop versions, @flybayer.

While we do have a team working on it, the majority of our dev team is finishing up the native web editor. Once that is ready, we will shift to desktop apps.

We should have more news on that this year. Keep an eye out. You’ll get an invite as soon as we are ready for you. :slight_smile:


Hi Brendan,

Is there any news on native app. I know you guys are busy, but it is being promised for long time now.


Hi @Damjan_Music and thanks for checking on this. :slight_smile:

Our new web app (native) is already in private beta and we released three new plugins lately:

In the meantime, we are hard at work bringing our native editor and new version, Balsamiq Wireframes, to the Desktop (macOS and Windows). We expect those versions to come out in 2018, as detailed here.

Please let us know if you need any further information, we’re here to help!