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[Feature Request] - Ability to apply text formatting to Datagrid contents

I’ve been using the Datagrid control quite heavily recently and one thing that I routinely seem to crave for is to have some form of formatting control over the formatting

A lot of the controls that I need to wireframe include controls that get made bold or red (or both), for example…

If I use the example datagrid controls below… It would be great if I could, say, make the word “Founder” bold and blue

Name\r(job title) ^, Age ^v, Nickname, Employee v
Giacomo Guilizzoni\rFounder & CEO, 40, Peldi, (o)

Kind Regards

Hey Tim,

This is possible in the data grid, you just have to use our markdown options to do it. For instance, in your example, to get Found to be bold and blue, you would do this:

Name\r(job title) ^, Age ^v, Nickname, Employee v
Giacomo Guilizzoni\r {color:blue}*Founder*{color} & CEO, 40, Peldi, (o)

Let me know if that was what you were looking for, Tim. :slight_smile:

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Brendan, you have changed my life ! :slight_smile:

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