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Feature request: access to Icon library dialog from anywhere


I hate seeing the icons in a single row across the top. It’s much easier to scan for icons via Icon library dialog, but that dialog is only available (as far as I can tell) in cases where an icon can be included within another UI element (e.g., a button). I’d love to be able to pop open the Icon library dialog from the toolbar at the top so I could use that dialog for basic icon selection, not just when the icon is being added to another UI element. Alternatively, you could provide a full window version of the icon library just like the “Show Thumbnail Grid” option that you have for mockup selection.


Hi haggie,

Thank you for the request.
There is an icon place holder that you can add there you could open the icon inspector.
We also added the icons to the Quick Add. So you could type into Quick Add and it will search all the icons and display the fitting results.


I’d like to agree with haggie. I’m just learning Mockups 3 and gut stuck at the top of the Icons document page. I couldn’t find the library dialog! Finally I added an arbitrary icon and saw the icon inspector button.

It should be more prominent, perhaps up next to the Quick Add control.