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[Feature Request] Add border to imported image shouldn't shrink the image


If I copy an image from, say, Photoshop into Mockups 3, and then decide to add a border to it by clicking the “Show border” checkbox, the added border shrinks the image that was imported.

This makes the previously clean lines of the image jagged if it’s a simple black and white image with clean lines.

I am guessing that this happens to preserve the chosen width and height of the imported image with and without a border, but I don’t agree with the value of the trade-off. Since most UI is made up of clean lines, I basically cannot use the “Show border” feature for 90% of the images I import to Mockups.

However, I realise that perhaps I’m the only one importing UI mockups from Photoshop into Mockups, rather than just using it for photographs and other illustrations, so if there’s not much call for this change I’ll understand!


I could agree with this in some cases. I think what the border property could do is add a border overlaid on outer boundaries of the image, but that wouldn’t work as well in other cases where that inner padding is desired. So that may require an additional property to satisfy that case.

It sounds like your case is that you haven image that’s got some fine details, rather than something like a photo. A workaround would be to overlay a rectangle on that image and set the opacity slider to 0.

I’ll add your feature request to our tracker. If others would like to see this feature, please let us know (or add your Like/Heart vote above) to help us prioritize this request.